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Comply-Check is a comprehensive risk assessment for the construction industry.

What is Comply-Check?

Comply-Check is a third party assessment of your insurance coverages and exclusions as well as an audit of contracts with other parties to help ensure that your firm is meeting it's obligations and minimizing risk.

Why Does this Matter?

This review helps you ensure that you are meeting your obligations.

  • Regulatory requirements (DOPL).
  • Contractual obligations with owners or upper tier contractors.
  • Underwriting requirements of your own insurance company.
What is the Process?

It's an easy three step process:

  1. We conduct a 15 minute interview to learn about your business.
  2. We review your insurance policies and the agreements you've entered into with other parties (subcontract agreements).
  3. We provide a simple, easy to read, written summary of our findings and a certificate of completion.
What is the Cost?

There's no cost for a Comply-Check assessment.

What if there is a Problem?

We often find that contractors have intentionally violated the terms of a contract they've signed or may be out of compliance with DOPL or their insurance company. While we can't go back in time, with your permission, we are able to negotiate on your behalf to limit your exposure and mitigate deficiencies.

What is the new DOPL Rule?

Under the new "R156-55a-302d. Qualifications for Licensure - Proof of Insurance and Registrations" rule, the Utah Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL) now requires that contractors ensure that their insurance "provides coverage for the scope of work performed." The rule is the result of an increase in the number of significant exclusions and limitations in contractor's general liability policies, which may result in a lack of coverage in the event of a loss. A violation of this rule may be considered "Unprofessional Conduct" by the agency, which may result in loss of the license.

Click here to read the rule. 


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